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CNMI Sports Hall of Famer and former Northern Marianas Athletics head Dr. Kurt Barnes will be launching a book tomorrow titled, viagra 40mg Sports Legends of Micronesia which you can guess by the title chronicles the accomplishments of Micronesian athletes from the past half century.
Two years in the making, viagra “Sports Legends of Micronesia, visit this site ” is the result of Dr. Barnes tireless work crisscrossing Micronesia and either interviewing the legends themselves or relatives of those who already passed away.  
A book of this magnitude definitely deserves a closer look so I contacted Dr. Barnes directly and he kindly agreed to do an interview which we will feature on an upcoming episode of Mike-Ro Sports very, very soon. 
In an appeal to “Save Olympic Wrestling”, delegates from approximately 110 wrestling federations from around the world met in Moscow, Russia to attend the Extraordinary FILA Congress.  Representatives from all of the continents were on hand, including Belau Wrestling Federation President, Mr. Joe Chilton and President for the Oceania Continent, Mr. John Tarkong Jr. to review and determine the work needed to essentially reverse the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) February decision to exclude wrestling from the 2020 Olympic Games and beyond.
Acting FILA President Nenad Lalovic oversaw a number of amendments to the FILA Constitution for the betterment of wrestling which included making the sport more attractive,competitive and fair.
One of the key reasons why Wrestling, one of the founding Olympic sports was even ousted to begin with, centered around FILA’s inability to modernize the game.  Among the wide variety of revisions FILA is considering include shortening the competition from 3 two minute matches to 2, 3 minute matches, to possibly changing the overall look of the game by doing away with the classic wrestling unitard, to reworking the overall presentation of the matches perhaps even borrowing a cue from the world of boxing and mixed martial arts to spice things up a bit.  No word yet on whether or not that means we’ll be seeing ring girls in future of Wrestling but I have a feeling those aren’t the developments they’re looking for.  We hope to check in with our Oceania representatives when they return from Moscow to find out the details.
And in local Palau Sporting activities, the Palau Swimming Associating is launching it’s Summer Learn-to-Swim program 
at the Palau National Pool in Meyuns.
This summer, give that important child in your life a gift that will last a lifetime – the gift of swimming.
June 10-28 (Monday through Friday) Mandatory Skills Check on June 10 from 9-10 AM Classes start on June 11.
Cost for PSA Members is $10 and Non-Members pay $25. Scholarships are available for children who otherwise cannot participate.
Contact Tina Shima 488-6562, 488-6307, 779-8181, tinashima@gmail.com or Judy Otto 778-8346, judyotto@live.com.
That’s not all, the Palau Swimming Association is proud to present their 8th Palau Open Water Swim on Saturday June 8th.  There’ll be 250m, 500m, 1km, 3km, aand 5km events.  You can see the 5km challenge will take you around one Palau‘s smallest Rock Islands.  For Palau residents registration is only $20 for student athletes and $25 for Adults and you must pre-register!  Event Fees include t-shirt, swim cap, brunch at PPR and gala dinner at Belau National Museum.  
Non-participants can still participate in the dinner which includes entertainment & museum tour with ticket purchase of $25 for 12 yrs & older. $15 for ages 6 to 11 yrs old and free for 5yrs & below.
For more information contact: Madelsar Ngiraingas 778-5389 (phone or text) or e-mail madelsar.ngiraignas@gmail.com or Holly Farlin 778-5549 or e-mail holly.farlin@gmail.com
This past weekend an annual event that started 10 years ago with only a handful of Peace Corp volunteers has now grown to quite an event.  We’re talking about the Palau Marathon which had a record turnout this year with lots of new faces and added attractions.  So I decided to go down and see what it was all about.  Here’s a special report.