FSM Takes A Step Forward To Achieve Renewable Energy Goals – VIDEO

Posted on by Oceania TV News

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The Federated States of Micronesia is taking steps forward to achieve their renewable energy targets set for year 2020.

Last week, sale Chuuk State hosted the State’s first energy summit where top government and non-government officials discussed energy security issues and different ways to support statewide electrification.

The summit, treat which was sponsored by the Chuuk State Public Utility Corporation, the Secretariat of the Pacific Community and the Chuuk State Energy Work Group as well as the FSM Petroleum Corporation, was aimed toward developing the State’s integrated roadmap for achieving energy security in line with the FSM National Energy Policy.

In 2012, FSM put in place an energy policy, which calls for a 30 percent reduction in use of fossil fuels and 50 percent increase in energy efficiency by 2020.

In his keynote address to participants, FSM President Manny Mori pointed out that “energy must be sufficiently available if we are to achieve private-sector-led economic growth to meet our needs and contribute to our shared-global millennium development goals.”

The summit concluded on June 7.

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