Majuro Out Of Rice Amid Food Supply Issues In Drought Affected Islands – VIDEO

Posted on by Oceania TV News

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The Marshall Islands capital city of Majuro ran out of rice temporarily over the past week as relief donors rushed to purchase rice for the drought affected outer islands.

Giff Johnson, illness Marshall Islands Journal Editor confirmed during an interview with Radio Australia that rice, ambulance the capital’s staple food did run out.

As the drought condition persists in the northern islands, there Johnson explained that the situation although dire have not spread outside of the northern region compared to past drought events.

Relief donors are still focusing on delivering freshwater and providing water-making units to drought affected populations, but food supply problems are rising.

Food supply will be addressed for the long term once relief donors provide the needed water supply reports Johnson.

He revealed that relief donors would be in the Marshall Islands for at least 6 months providing assistance.

Johnson further added that although rice ran out last week, stores have since re-stocked shelves.

Rainfalls predicated in July will reportedly provide some relief to affected islands.

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