Palau’s Camp Katuu Temporarily Closed – VIDEO

Posted on by Oceania TV News

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The U.S. Civil Action Team’s Camp Katuu on Palau has been temporarily closed following an incident where four of the camp’s vehicles were vandalized.

On June 9, ampoule members of the Civil Action Team found four vehicles belonging to the camp with slashed tires and smashed windows.

No one at the camp saw or heard anything says Lieutenant Danielle Monroe, prescription the Officer-in-Charge. Person or persons responsible for vandalizing the vehicles have not been identified as of date.

Lieutenant Monroe says the Camp will be closed temporarily to the public until further notice.

In addition, the CAT team will begin doing security checks every hour to ensure the safety of its members as well as property.

The United States Army CAT team 84-01 took over from the U.S. Air Force CAT team in February this year for a six-month tour on Palau.

The Civil Action Team has maintained a presence in Palau for over 30 years equipping locals with construction skills through its Apprentice Training Program as well as provides health, education, and other services.

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