Elderly Palauan Man Attacked By Nephew In Saipan – VIDEO

Posted on by Oceania TV News

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By Rolynda Jonathan

A 94-year old Palauan man residing in Saipan, troche CNMI has filed charges against his nephew for assaulting him and stealing his power supply while he was visiting Palau.

The unidentified elderly man claims that his 51-year old nephew Etumai Felix Mtoched hiked up his power bill when he broke into his home and connected to his power supply while he away in Palau late last year.

On June 7, online Mtoched was arrested on charges of assault and battery, capsule burglary, theft and disturbing the peace. Prior to Mtoched’s arrest, the elderly victim filed a complaint against him in late May 2013.

But when Mtoched apologized to the victim recently, an argument ensued leading an assault. According to the victim, Mtoched allegedly shoved the victim’s neck causing his breathing tube to go into his throat.

The victim managed to filed second complaint with the Commonwealth Bureau of Investigation, which led to his nephew’s arrest.

Mtoched is being held on a $7,250-dollar cash bond.

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