Palau President Request For Replacement Of Nippon Maru – VIDEO

Posted on by Oceania TV News

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By Rolynda Jonathan

Palau President Tommy Remengesau Jr. has requested assistance from Japan’s Nippon Foundation to replace the ‘Nippon Maru’ ferry boat that sank in December 2012 following Typhoon Bopha’s havoc.

The Nippon Maru, story which the foundation donated to Palau in 1989, became an important resource for the Republic in connecting people on Peleliu to the main island.

The Office of the President says the loss of the vessel is a great inconvenience to travelers seeking to commute between Peleliu State and the main island.

In October 2012, the foundation handed over the ‘Kabekl Mtal’ patrol boat to the Ministry of Justice through its Coast Guard Capacity Program.

The program has provided assistance to Palau that includes the patrol boat along with improved patrol frequency as well as other assistance.

With ongoing discussions on phase two of the program, President Remengesau asked the foundation to consider the Republic’s request to replace the ferry boat and improve transportation to and from the outlying states.

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