Palau government to establish Bureau of Tourism – VIDEO

Posted on by Oceania TV News

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By Rolynda Jonathan

Palau’s Ministry of Natural Resources, adiposity Environment and Tourism is in the process of establishing the ‘Bureau of Tourism’ revealed Minister Umiich Sengebau during the administration’s weekly press conference on June 12.

The new Bureau will be responsible for tourism policy and regulations as well as ensuring that high-end tourism standards are met by local businesses.

Sengebau highlighted Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) as a leading agency for the tourism sector in the country, order but says PVA mostly deals with marketing and promotion.

Sengebau believes the new ‘Bureau’ would assist in the administration’s goal of developing and securing high-end tourism. He pointed out that the Bureau will not replace PVA, instead the Ministry is working with a number of related agencies such as PVA in establishing the new Bureau.

He further added that the Bureau through policy and regulations would help ensure the safety and health of visiting tourists as well as ensure that tourism facilities meet certain set of standards for visitors.

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