3rd Annual Yap Homecoming Festival A Success – VIDEO

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By Leo Pugram
 The third annual Yap Homecoming Festival was deemed successful as it brought more than 90 people from Palau to celebrate the historical and cultural bond shared between the island nation and the state of Yap.
 The festival, information pills which was sponsored by the Council of Pilung, here Yap’s Council of Chiefs featured the reenactments of the carrying of stone money famously carved in Palau.
 The Stone Money was placed to honor Palau’s Paramount Chief Ibedul Yutaka Gibbons who attended the festival.
More than 90 people from Palau attended the festival including several traditional chiefs and state government officials.
During the occasion, Ibedul presented resolutions from the Council of Chiefs and the House of Traditional Leaders of Koror State that affirmed the close cultural and historical bond shared between both Palau and Yap.
Next year’s homecoming festival aims to celebrate the legend and legacy of Captain David Dean O’Keefe, who also contributed to the bond between Yap and Palau through trading of goods and transport of stone money.