South Pacific Tourism Organizations Funds Palau Alii Host Program – VIDEO

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The South Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO), ambulance an intergovernmental agency based in Fiji is assisting in co-managing Palau’s Alii Host program.
SPTO has funded a number of individuals in the government sector to take part in the Alii Host customer service based training program in efforts to enhance their skills in communicating and interacting with tourists.
Filipe Tuisawau, medications SPTO’s Human Resource Development Specialist, recently visited Palau to check on the progress of the program, observe the training and gather feedbacks from both the Tri-Org and the participants.
He says the program, which is administered by the Tri-Org, consisting of the Palau Visitors Authority (PVA), Belau Tourism Association (BTA) and the Palau Chamber of Commerce (PCOC), is helping to empower those in the frontline such as customs and immigrations officers, who will be meeting the tourists first before they go their respective accommodations.
“These people are critical because they give the first impression of the country,” said Tuisawau. “That’s why were working with BTA and PVA in this training.”
He says not only is it important to empower those in the frontline, it’s also important that they appreciate what tourism is and how important it is to Palau.