Marshall Islands And Palau Affected By Super Full Moon Tides – VIDEO

By Rolynda Jonathan

[hdvideo id=386]
The Super Full Moon on June 23 as expected accompanied higher than usual tides that damaged homes in low-lying areas of Palau.
On the morning of June 25, capsule ocean water seeped into coastal houses damaging property during the peak of the high tide.
OTV crew who were dispatched to document the high tide and any potential damage it had on property learned that although the tide schedule indicated the peak at 8:02 am at about 6.7 feet, residents reported an earlier peak at sometime between 6:30 to 7:00 am and possibly higher than 6.7 feet.
Some homes in the Airai and Koror area sustained water damage.
For one residential housing, ocean water entered the home’s septic tank preventing the residents from using the toilet and showers.
Its not clear how many homes were sustained damages and what types of damages were sustained.
Sea level rise is among the climate change impacts that greatly affects Pacific nations such as Palau.
OTV was unable to obtain accurate data on the exact time and height of the high tide, and if the event is climate change related.
In the Marshall Islands, some roads were closed as a result of debris brought by the high tide and accompanied waves.
In addition, the airport in Majuro was also closed as the ocean side sea wall was breached.
Photos are reportedly being taken and a preliminary assessment of the situation would be provided.
At this time, it’s not clear what the damages are in Majuro, however OTV will update viewers when more information becomes available.

Photo Contribution: Doreen deBrum