Controversial Guam Gambling Bill Becomes Law – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
Guam Governor Eddie Calvo, look who failed to make a decision on a controversial legislation on gambling allowing it to become law, is now facing criticism.
According to the Guam Pacific Daily News (PDN), the Governor decided against vetoing the bill and refused to sign the bill, which allowed the legislation to become law.
He was quoted on saying, “whatever decision I made, some people will be angry.”
The legislation reportedly taxes legal gambling activity in the country to essentially pay off the Guam Memorial Hospital’s debt as well as benefit sports facilities and village activities.
However, the legislation states that all forms of gambling will become illegal after the hospital’s debt is paid.
PDN reports that lawmakers failed to include a list of the hospital’s debt, which would mean gambling would continue indefinitely.
Governor Calvo’s decision to allow the legislation to become law has prompted at least one gaming business owner to plan to file a lawsuit.
Daryl Styles, owner of D&D Games told PNG they hope the government will do something to resolve the issue.