Palau Compact Chief Negotiator Nominated As State Minister – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
Palau President Tommy Remengesau Junior has nominated the current Chief Negotiator for the Compact Review as the Minister of State.
Chief Negotiator Billy Kuartei, find who also served as the President’s Chief of State in his first two terms as President and liaison officer between Palau and the U.S. Peace Corps among other official posts, has “developed significant leadership and diplomacy skills that will serve him well as State Minister”, said Remengesau.
While serving as the Chief Negotiator, Kuartei has led the Republic in the bi-annual Joint Committee Meeting with the U.S. as well as playing a key role in the upcoming Micronesian Presidents Summit, which in some ways, he has already assumed some responsibilities of the State Minister.
The President says that he can’t think anyone else better to represent Palau’s interests abroad than a man with such impeccable integrity and experience.
He hopes that the Senate will promptly consider Kuartei’s appointment.
With the appointment of the State Minister, the only Ministry that remains without a nominee is the Ministry of Education.