Months Of Rain Needed To Restore Agriculture In Marshall Islands – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
Several months of rain are needed to improve and restore agriculture in the northern Marshall Islands reports the Marshall Islands Journal.
Rainfall will help in increasing water catchment levels, tadalafil but to improve agricultural conditions in drought-affected areas, several months of rainfall is required.
Months of severe drought conditions have wiped out water supply and destroyed crops and vegetation around the northern parts of the Marshalls.
The Marshall Islands Journal reports that majority of about 1,130 affected households have relied heavily on water making units for safe drinking water.
The USAID, FEMA and the Marshall Islands government have developed a $3.4 million dollar Disaster Relief and Reconstruction Plan to address the drought disaster.
The plan, according the Journal includes response to agriculture and food security, health and water and sanitation.
U.S. government response team has been providing relief assistance since President Obama’s disaster declaration last month.