Marshall Islands Community Shocked Over Smoking Baby – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
The Republic of the Marshall Islands this past weekend were shocked to find a video of baby smoking and drinking alcohol in the capital of Majuro.
The Marshall Islands Journal reports that on July 21, buy information pills a video was posted on facebook showing family members helping a baby drink a beer and smoke a cigarette.
The video sent shockwaves throughout the community and prompted the National Police to detail the family members for questioning.
National Police Deputy Commissioner Jim Philippo told the Journal that the matter has been placed under the Domestic Violence division and the baby was given to an aunt for safety.
According to the report, the there are two short videos that were posted, showing a shirtless baby with a cigarette in the mouth.
The Marshall Islands Journal further reported that at the end of the video, the cigarette drops out of the baby mouth onto his stomach, burning him.
The video was later removed, but NGO in the Marshalls were able to download them before they were pulled.