U.S. Defends Human Trafficking Report On The Marshalls – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
United States Ambassador to the Marshall Islands has defended the State Department’s human trafficking report, more about which places the Marshalls on a global watch list as a destination for sex trafficking.
Responding to Marshalls Foreign Minister comments that the report is “baseless” Ambassador Thomas Armbruster told the Marianas Variety that “trafficking is a serious issue and the Embassy had done due diligence in writing an objective report, for sale based on multiple sources.”
Armbruster says the Embassy will continue to work with the Marshall Islands government to identify ways to combat the problem.

The Marshall Islands currently do not have any policies in place that addresses human trafficking, stuff but RMI Attorney General Filimon Manoni told the Variety that the island nation will soon come out with a strong statement against human trafficking and a legislation to address it.
In addition to the Marshall Islands, the 2013 U.S. state department trafficking in persons report also placed the Federated States of Micronesia, and the Solomon Islands on its global watch list.