SPC Tagged Tuna Recaptured After 13 Years – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
A bigeye tuna originally tagged by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) scientists as part of a scientific study has been recaptured after 13 years.
The 220-pound tuna was caught around the same area where it was caught, cheap tagged and released.
Scientists say the 13 years is close to a record period of freedom since SPC began the tuna-tagging program in the 1970s.
SPC Fisheries Scientist Bruno Leroy says, pills “the fish is a great find” as “recovering the tags is crucial to the success of the program because provide information on the growth, movements, natural mortality and fishing mortality of tuna.”
SPC trained team catches and releases thousands of tuna with a numbered plastic tag and recording its species, size, condition, tagging date and location.
The 220-pound tuna was found by a crew member of a Taiwanese vessel and recorded by the ship’ss observer from Tonga.