Violent Crimes On The Rise, Palauan Community Protests – VIDEO

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Violent crimes are on the rise in Palau, price devastating this small island nation in the north Pacific.
Within the last two years, buy a number of violent cases involving deadly weapons were reported such as armed robbery, rx murder, and aggravated assaults.
This month alone, a handful of violent crimes involving dangerous weapons were reported. The matter forced members of the community to take action and raise awareness.
This week, community members, the police department, members of the 19th Law Enforcement Academy, and local business owners held a small protest in Koror to encourage people to stop the violence.
Inspired by the United States’ Occupy Wall Street movement, Levan Akitaya organized the protest not only to inform the community, but also to urge lawmakers to find concrete solutions.
With the message “help stop violence”, the members of the 19th Law Enforcement Academy also joined the cause.
Kerai Ngirmekur, a local businessman, who owns the Bem Ermii burger joint, joined the cause in hopes to stop the violence that has negatively affected his business.
Akitaya hopes to organize other events to stop the growing number of violence in Palau.