Palau Officially Enters Into Agreement For High Speed Internet – VIDEO

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Last week, cheap the Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) announced that a service agreement has been signed with O3b Networks to provide high speed Internet to Palau, more about improving the nation’s connectivity to the world.
According to press release from PNCC, adiposity since O3b utilizes Medium Earth Orbit satellites, which are closer to Earth, it can offer faster speeds with lower latency at an affordable rate.
Commission for the O3b Network service is expected to start six months from the contract signing date.
Last month, the Federated States of Micronesia Telecom Corporation (FSMTC) entered into an agreement with O3b following a meeting with officials from both PNCC and O3b.
Since the creation of the Caroline Cable Corporation, Palau and Yap State have been working in partnership to seek ways to improve telecommunications.
The high-speed broadband Internet task force created by President Remengesau, who expressed that O3b Networks is the best short-term solution for Palau, is still looking into fiber optic cable as a long-term solution.