PHS Authorities Urge Students To Stop The Violence – VIDEO

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On Thursday August 15th, try a clash between groups of Palau High School students led to a rock-throwing melee during lunch break on the PHS campus.
According to the school’s acting principal, drugs Smyth Rdang, price none of the students were injured however there were many innocent bystanders who were frightened by the commotion.
The campus security guards were able to stop the ruckus and detain six male students.
One of the students was cleared and the other five were scheduled to meet with the acting principal and their parents on August 19 to discuss the incident.
Immediately following the mayhem acting principal Rdang posted notice that an emergency assembly was to be held the next morning.
During the assembly Rdang reminded all PHS students that violence will not be tolerated and that those who break any school rules will be penalized.

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  1. What is this rock throwing, Really, Really that is so freakin dinosour era. Some peoples Kids.

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