Two Palau Government Staff Charged With Bribery – VIDEO

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Two national government employees were arraigned in Palau’s court this week on charges of bribery and misconduct in public office.
Raymond Nakamura, cure staff member of the Division of Labor, and Kenjiro Dengokl, staff of member of the Senate Committee on Tourism and Development were each arraigned on charges of bribery and misconduct in public office.
Charges were filed against the two individuals following a nine-month investigation including a sting operation involving phone call recordings and use of marked money.
According to the affidavit of probable cause, Mike Tman requested Dengokl to transfer his Chinese worker to him, which was agreed to but for a $250 fee.
Dengokl and Tman reportedly met with Nakamura at the Labor office, where Tman was told to pay Nakamura $250 to process the transfer documents.
About a week after the meeting, Tman informed the police and an investigation was launched.

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  1. May be these duos can ask the President to comute their sentences and send them back to work. Is this What Palauans want to world to know us for. I was very proud to hear that there are people from other part of Micronesia and the marianas moving to Palau for employmentas we did to theirs years back. I said to myself am Palauan and I am proud of my cultures and my Country for avoiding mistakes and learning from them from other Pacific nations. Wow embarrassed I am because I saw these trends in Saipan and held palauans to a highier standard. Wow What Blow.

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