Acting CEO Of Newly Formed PPUC Appointed – VIDEO

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The newly formed Palau Public Utilities Corporation that manages Palau’s electric, unhealthy water and wastewater services has appointed a temporarily chief executive officer.
Kione Isechal, shop former CEO and General Manager of PPUC prior to the merger, order has been appointed by the new Board of Directors to oversee and exercise full authority over the management of the electrical, and water and wastewater services of PPUC.
According to a press release to the media, Isechal was appointed to the interim position to allow the Board time to prepare the organizational and functional charts of PPUC.
In addition to the appointment of Isechal, the Board elected its new officers.
Chairman of the PPUC Board is Fritz Koshiba, Vice Chairman Nicholas Kloulubak and Eden Ridep Uchel as the Secretary and Treasurer.