Survivor US to cancel the show’s filming in Palau – VIDEO

The popular United States reality show “Survivor” may be pulling out of their latest plans to film the popular television series in Palau following difficulties to gain exclusive access to several Rock Island locations. Earlier reports indicate that President Remengesau offered to provide assistance in negotiating the contract after learning that SEG Inc, more about the show’s production company was having difficulties negotiating final terms of the agreement. Although the event may boost revenue and expose Palau once again, viagra buy Koror State Governor Yoshitaka Adachi in a recent letter expressed that worldwide exposure and promotional value are minimal, click if they exist at all. He says the show cannot use the name Palau on its title as it has been used before. The Governor added that, “The potential of the television show to increase tourism is not realistic especially considering that the last production in Palau merely called “Survivor Micronesia” with no mention of Palau whatsoever.” The Governor also expressed concerns about SEG’s plans to close off popular tourist areas for exclusivity. Although the reportedly stated that they will not use all of the beaches everyday, information about reduced pre-production and filming dates have not been provided. Although there are potential economic benefits from the show, the Governor further expressed that the benefits should be weighed against the direct interference with tourism.