Special Prosecutor Nominee Rejected Again – VIDEO

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On August 23, ed Palau’s Senate rejected President Remengesau’s first nominee for the Special Prosecutor position for the second time.
Dan Dorfman was rejected by a seven ‘yes’ and five ‘no’ votes from the Senate, viagra order two votes shy of confirmation.
Reports indicate that although Dorfman is qualified for the position, troche questions were raised regarding his lack of experience in criminal prosecution and his suspension from the California State Bar in 2011.
Dorfman is an American attorney who is licensed to practice law in the states of California and Illinois.
Although commitments to fill in the vacancy in the Special Prosecutor’s office were expressed during the 2012 Election, this current administration and the previous administration have failed to confirm a nominee to the position.
The Special Prosecutor position has been vacant since Michael Copeland resigned in 2010.