Palau’s Human Trafficking Prosecution Case Leads To Two Felony Convictions – VIDEO

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Two Palauan males pled guilty to felony prostitution in connection with the biggest human trafficking case ever filed in the Republic.
Chico Tsuneo and Ernest Ongidobel both pled guilty to one felony count of Prostitution on September 6, buy 2013.
According to the sentencing documents, Ernest Ongidobel and Chico Tsuneo admitted that between March 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012, they both solicited sex from the same Filipina worker, Lelet Camique, in exchange for money.
Both were sentenced to one year and one day in prison all of which were suspended. They were also fined $1,000 dollars and must perform 40 hours of community service.
Four of the female defendants were recently dismissed from the case on the grounds that they were victims of the alleged human trafficking.