Russian Reality TV show “The Island” Wraps – VIDEO

the island octpob-concept-art-camp

The Russian Television program “The Island” wrapped up on Tuesday  bringing the 40 day shoot in Palau to a close.
The Survivor style show named “Octpob” or “The Island” produced by Mastif TV brought dozens of contestants to live in Palau to experience island life, information pills games, ampoule challenges and extreme weather.
Most of the filming took place in the Palau State of Airai where an elaborate ship was constructed for the Tribunal and a massive maze or labyrinth was built for challenges.
The off island crew of nearly 100 consisted of both Russians and Argentineans with many more locals being hired for construction, assistants and more.
Contestants were all Russian celebrities ranging from singers to actors and even a world-champion boxer.
The highly anticipated program will begin airing later this year on one of Russias largest television networks and is expected to increase the number of Russian visitors to Palau.
The local company Roll’em Productions provided the equipment and production support for the show and was the local fixer.
Papago Resort in Airai provided housing of over 60 rooms for the visiting crew.
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the Labyrinth for Octpob, The Island in Palau

Tribunal for Octpob, The Island Palau

Sip Set from Tribunal of Octpob, the island in Palau

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6 thoughts on “Russian Reality TV show “The Island” Wraps – VIDEO”

  1. The Russian production crew was wonderful and the Argentineans sure can BBQ!.
    Too bad they got so screwed by Novot and Fish n Fins. Novot charged them $100 a day for tap water he was getting for free from Tom at the fisheries. Then he charged them $6,000 for a few hundred feet of muddy property in the woods worth maybe $1000. Future production crews beware!
    By the way Palau, Novot at Fish and Fins now thinks Palau is his. When the Russian crew did something without “his approval” Novot stood on the beach threw his hands in the air and screamed “THIS IS MY ISLAND”. Guess he is next in line for Paramount High Chief. Seriously though any production company looking to film in Palau and thinking about associating with Fish and Fins should talk to the producers from Mastiff TV, they are NOT happy with Fish n Fins.
    BTW thanks to Jeff, Ongor and Roll’em Productions for stepping in to fix things and solving those impossible problems.

  2. hee hee you all don’t know the half of it. Fish n Fins policy is to screw everyone. the figure you will only be in Palau once so they want to take you for every cent. just a few months ago they charged a private yacht $10,000 a day for diving. Just a boat, driver and guide, talk about insane. Guess they are doing something cause they have all the money. Hope that green keeps them warm because what they don’t have is friends or respect in Palau.

  3. On a more serious note someone in the government should take note of this and talk with Mastiff TV about their experience in Palau. They have such a bad feeling about Palau, after dealing with Fish & Fins, and the filming industry is a small world so they will tell many people. The perception of Palau that they will pass on around the world to other people and production companies is one of a bunch of money grabbing megalomaniacs, which in fairness is an accurate perception of Fish and Fins but not of Palau and the majority of other businesses here. Having worked with these guys whilst they were here i felt so sorry for them that they were not made aware of the type of people they were going to be working with before they came here and BOY did they find out the hard way . . . So for any other production companies considering coming here in the future, please, please do your homework as there are many reputable companies here in Palau that will not try and screw you at every turn. Palau is a beautiful place to come and film and dont be put off by the likes of Fish and Fins . . .

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