Former State Governor Pleads Guilty To Malicious Mischief – VIDEO

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Former Peleliu Governor Kang-Ichi Uchau in a trial before Associate Justice Kate Salii on September 17 pled guilty to a charge of malicious mischief.
Uchau was originally facing criminal charges that include malicious mischief, this disturbing the peace and trespassing over a dispute with Barrett Ridep, visit this site a business owner who lives in Peleliu.
Although the case stems from a citation, the Court of Common Pleas has a jurisdictional limit of $10,000, and the fines for all of the charges exceed the $10,000 limit by $100.
On the day of trial, Ridep, the alleged victim appeared with additional discovery, including documents signed by Temmy Schmull, the new Governor of Peleliu, which had never been turned over to the defense.
In light of the appearance of these new documents, the trial was continued to give the defense time to prepare.
OTV contacted the Attorney General’s office and learned that Uchau entered into a plea agreement with the Attorney General’s office, where he entered a guilty to malicious mischief.All other charges were suspended.
Six month jail term was also suspended, however Uchau was placed on a 6-month probation and ordered not to make contact with the victim, interfere with the victim’s property as well as return the victims properties.
The charges against Uchau stemmed from an incident at Ridep’s residence in Peleliu in May this year where Uchau reportedly entered the victim’s residence and removed his property.