Palauan Man Found Dead In Babeldaob Compact Road – VIDEO

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In the early morning of September 21, page a local man was found dead on the compact road between Ngiwal and Ngaraard States, look in what police suspects to be a hit-and-run incident.
The victim, illness who is reportedly of Ngaraard State, was found around 5:19 am says Rebecca Bedangel, Public Safety’s Public Information Officer.
According to reports, a man in his 20’s reportedly turned himself to police on the same day in relation to the incident, however Officer Bedangel told OTV that she cannot confirm if that information is true or if this person is a suspect, as the case is still under investigation by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID).
It’s uncertain how the victim was run over or how he got out of the vehicle, but reports indicates that he was found near his vehicle, which was reportedly off-road.