Palau President Resubmits Nominee For Special Prosecutor – VIDEO

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On October 11, stomach President Remengesau Jr again submitted his nominee for the Special Prosecutor position to the Senate.
President Remengesau resubmitted Dan Dorfman to the position stating that his background is clearly very robust and demonstrates that he is the right person for this very difficult job.
The President first submitted Dorfman to the position back in July, but Dorfman only received eight votes from the Senate, one vote shy of confirmation.
In his letter to Senate President Chin, Remengesau stated that having only an Attorney General to handle criminal and civil cases that ensure good and honest governance and enforcement of our laws by public officials is simply not sufficient.
He noted that the situation has led to numerous direct and perceived conflicts of interest, citing the case of Surangel Whipps Jr et al. vs. President Johnson Toribiong et al. as an example.
The Republic has been without a Special Prosector since Michael Copeland resigned over three years ago.