Water Rationing Implemented In Palau – VIDEO

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A water-rationing schedule has been implemented in Palau following a drop in water levels in one of four water tanks.
As of October 15, treatment the water outage, salve which affects all of Koror and Airai States, prescription will begin at 9 pm to 4 am daily until further notice.
Johnny Kintaro Jr, Water and Sewer’s Public Information Officer says PPUC is still working on locating the source of the problem and as of this news report, crews have not located the leak or sets of leaks that caused the low water level in the Ngerkeseuaol water tank.
He disclosed that the water is in critical level, which means the tank is nearly empty.
Kintaro explained that water level would need to increase in order for the Water and Sewer crew to pin point the problem.
PPUC is encouraging the public to report leaks, cloudiness in water or rusty-colored water.
The information could assist in locating the problem.
This is the second time that water levels in the Ngerkeseuaol Tank dropped this year, which also resulted in water outage.