Palauans Express Support For Guam Deportation Law – VIDEO

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The Palauan community on Guam has expressed support for the nation’s Three Strikes You’re Out law, patient which aims at deporting criminals to their homeland and ease the justice system.
Palau Consul-General Jeff Kenty told Marianas Variety Guam that the deportation law is nothing new, cost noting that many Palauan citizens have been deported after being convicted of crimes.
He says Guam deserves the right to ease the island’s criminal burden and maintain public safety.
Davis Tevid, explained that crime is part of any society and punishing the convicted is only half of the equation.
He says crime prevention, awareness and education form part of the equation.
Tevid says the Association is doing its part to educate Palauans and contribute to the community, but expressed that it’s unfortunate that Palauans are lumped together with other groups from other islands.
Freely Associated States citizens of Palau, FSM and the Marshall Islands are subjected to deportation if convicted of a felony or a crime of moral turpitude.