PNCC Board Reorganizes; GM Misech Ousted

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According to reliable sources, page Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) General Manager Richard Misech, look who has been at the helm of Palau’s largest telecommunications company for 7 years has been ousted by the Board of Directors.  His last day on the job will be November 30, 2013.

PNCC GM Richard Misech

On Friday, October 25, 2013, PNCC’s Board reorganized its officers with Governor Leilani Reklai as the new Chairperson and Rhinehart Silas as Vice Chair. During the same meeting, the Board asked Misech to step down as of November 30th with the remainder of his contract to be served on annual leave until his term ends on December 31, 2013. While serving the remaining part of his contract, Misech will not have any part in the restructuring and new direction of PNCC.
The Board’s action followed a six-page petition that was filed by more than 52% of PNCC’s employees.  The petition expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of leadership and strategic direction of Palau’s telecom giant.  Petitioners threatened to stage a strike if their pleas were not heard.
Pressure to terminate Misech also came from the House of Delegates who invoked their Constitutionally mandated oversight of the public corporation to hold a public hearing at the Congress and another meeting at a local venue to discuss the concerns of the public and the company employees.
Members of the House of Delegates claim Misech has become an obstacle in improving Palau’s telecommunications advancement and that he had reached his maximum ability to contribute to PNCC.
PNCC insiders revealed to OTV that the decision to remove Misech was met with some resistance by at least one member of the Board; however, the hold out ultimately did not avert Misech’s early dismissal.
As for the future management of PNCC, sources say board members may rotate as Acting GM until Misech is officially replaced.