Japanese Couple Found Dead In Airai; Young Child Alive – VIDEO

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A concerned call for help in locating a Japanese couple on October 21st led to tragic news as the two were found dead in Airai.

At about a quarter to seven in the evening, pills Japanese national Yosuke Tsuruoka and his wife were found dead after hours of search by Palau police officers.

The couple was found with their one-year old daughter who was alive and healthy.

Public Safety Director Ismael Aguon told OTV that Tsuruoka was a JICA Consultant working as an engineer for the Aimeliik Power Plant.

He says calls were made to the police station when he did not report to work.

Tsuruoka reportedly had a strict schedule so when he didn’t show, alarms were raised.

It’s not certain what happened, but Director Aguon said there were signs of injuries.

He explained that in cases involving death the police department usually investigates homicide first, when that’s ruled out then they would move on to suicide, and other causes of death.

The child, according to Japan Embassy, is healthy and is being taken cared of.

The Embassy disclosed that the next of kin have been contacted, and arrangements are being made for the deceased.