Palau National Communications Suspends GM, Reorgs Board to avert Strike

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After a series of top level meetings occurring on Friday October 25 and Sunday October 27, approved the Board of the Palau National Communications Company released a memo outlining their position on the reorganization of the company.
In response to the threat of a general strike by PNCC employees over the mid-term reorganization plan, more about the board choose to reorganize themselves and place General Manager Richard Miesch on immediate leave.
State Governor and newspaper owner Lelani Reklai has taken over as the new Board Chair, viagra 100mg while Rhinehart Silas has been appointed Vice chair and will also be the acting General Manager.
The mid-term reorganization plan which was developed under assistance from a consultant was presented to counter the increasing financial and service issues PNCC has been experiencing for years.
The plan required all employees to reapply for their jobs which resulted in the majority of PNCC employees to writing a letter to the board asking for the removal of the GM and threatening to strike if the mid-term plan moved forward in full.
Below is the text of the memo released to PNCC employees on monday October 28, 2013:
PNCC Corporate Department
P.O Box 99
One Airai Airport Road
Koror, PW 96940
Tel: (680) 587-9000 ext. 285
Fax: (680) 587-1888
Date: October 28, 2013
To: All Staff
From: Governor Leilani N. Reklai, Chairperson
Subject: Mid-Term Business Plan
All Employees of PNCC:
The PNCC Board of Directors is greatful for the opportunity to share concerns with all
during our meeting of Wednesday, October 23rd. It is the mandate of the Board of
Directors to manage and direct, and exercise the corporate powers of PNCC. Through
this authority the Board of Directors hereby declares:
• The Mid-Term Business Plan as approved by the Board of Directors on
September 5, 2013 shall continue to be implemented.
• The Optimization of Leadership Structure Plan as approved by the Board of
Directors on August 16, 2013 shall continue to be implemented, however;
o Only Managers and Supervisors shall be required to enter into employment contracts by January 2014, Non-Management employment shall remain on Personnel Actions;
o The General Manager, Richard L. Misech shall be totally removed from the Bona Fide process in evaluating and contracting of Managers and Supervisors;
o And, the compensation of Managers and Supervisors entering into employment contracts shall be at a level commensurate with the requirements of their individual contracts.
• The Board of Directors have aligned themselves to the Corporate Governance Optimization Plan by reorganizing.
o Governor Leilani N. Reklai – Chairperson
o Mr. Rhinehart Silas -Vice Chairman/ Acting General Manager
o Mr. Bradley 0. Kumangai – Secretary & Treasurer
o Ms. Mariana Espangel – Board Member
o Mr. Presley Etibek- Board Member
• The General Manager, Richard L. Misech shall be placed on leave effective today.
Please relay this memorandum to all staff, thank you