Motion Of No Confidence Dominates Issues In RMI – VIDEO

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The opposition’s intent to file a motion of no confidence in the current Marshall Islands administration particularly President Christopher Loeak has dominated discussions in the community.
The Marshall Islands Journal, see the island nation’s sole newspaper has been bombarded with questions from the community regarding the intent expressed by Senator Alvin Jacklick to introduce the motion before the country’s parliament session ends.
On October 14, sildenafil 2013, dozens attended the parliament session with aim to witness its introduction only to be disappointed when the motion was not introduced.
With the budget hearing ongoing, no announcements have been made yet of when the parliament would resume.
According to the Journal, the intent made by the opposition is largely because of criticism over the dominant role in the government played by Ministers Tony deBrum and Phillip Muller.
The last vote of no confidence introduced and the only one to succeed was in 2009, when the motion unseated then-President Litokwa Tomeing, and elected former President Jurelang Zedkaia.