Kayangel being evacuated

binär optionen video After aerial survey and photos revealed the nearly total destruction of the Norther Palau island Kayangel from Typhoon Haiyan, President Remengesau visited to urge evacuation.  Citing health and shelter concerns, the President asked all 68 remaining residents of the island to evacuate to Koror, the main population center.  The first wave of evacuees are expected to arrive this evening at 5p and will be housed at the Ngarachamayong Cultural center.  The remaining residents are expected to be evacuated tomorrow.  The Palau Red Cross is accepting donations at the center for victims of the storm.

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Viagra blir billigare The center of Haiyan passed within miles of Kayangel with sustained winds over 150 mph and gusts over 200 mph.  There were no fatalities or serous injuries however all structures sustained major damage.

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