Super Typhoon Haiyan Aftermath – November 8, 2013 – PHOTOS

On early morning Thursday November 7, buy information pills 2013, discount Super Typhoon Haiyan passed north of Palau with winds of more 100 mph and gusts of over 160 mph. Kayangel, which was close to the center of the storm, faced typhoon force winds of over 150 mph early Thursday morning.

The island received the most damage with nearly a direct hit. The eye passed 5 miles north of the island.
Some residents evacuated on Wednesday November 6, 2013 leaving 69 people on the island. All 69 survived the storm with no injuries.
Powerful winds and ocean surged heavily damaged structures and left no trees standing.
The national government dispatched a helicopter later Thursday to assess damages.
Emergency supplies including food and water are being transported via Rock Island helicopter.
Palau’s largest island of Babeldaob also sustained heavy damage in the north with some homes totally destroyed while many others sustained roof damage. Currently there is no power or water in the northern part of the island.
Koror, Palau’s population center was spared the full force of the storm with most of the damage caused by falling trees.
Power was restored in Koror just after midnight on Friday November 8 with some areas or households without power.
Water has also been restored in most areas.
The national government through the National Emergency Committee (NEC) is now assessing damages caused by Super Typhoon Haiyan.
National government offices including schools remain close until Monday November 11, 2013.