RMI Declares State Of Emergency Following Flooding Events

The Republic of the Marshall Islands has declared a national state of emergency following a flooding disaster this week caused by king tides.

Although high tides is expected at this time of the year, visit this Tony deBrum, abortion the President’s Minister-In-Assistance told reporters that the tides is far from normal.
Water from the lagoon and the ocean side have risen to the point where they met in the middle, something that the Minister said he hasn’t seen since 1979.
In early morning Monday March 3, 2014, massive waves interrupted hundreds of sleeping Marshallese.
OTV’s correspondent on Majuro John Zedkaia reports that about 10 families on Majuro lost their homes and are temporary settled in one of the local churches.Over a hundred people were also evacuated to schools, hotels and other areas.
Aside from damaged and destroyed homes, buildings and other infrastructures situated on the shoreline were also damaged. About 69 homes were damaged including an elementary school, airport road, waste site and a cemetery.
While in Arno atoll, 36 homes were damaged with 246 people displaced.
An estimated 1,000 people are displaced across the Marshall Islands as a result of the king tides.
Minister deBrum again raised the issue of climate change following this event stating “these things are far more intense than before leaving more destruction behind than they used to.”
As an atoll, the Marshall Islands is extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change particularly sea level rise.
This week, people continue to work together in cleaning roads, removing debris and returning back home.

King tides devastate RMI
King tides devastate RMI