Palau Senate Hosts A Successful Youth Mock Congress

On March 11, stomach 2014, the Senate successfully hosted the 2nd Youth Mock Congress in celebration of the National Youth Day.

Twelve high school students swore in as Senators and debated on a number of legislations in the Senate Chamber with support from families, teachers and the Senate staff.
One of the bills introduced by the participants sought to increase parental responsibility and liability for the conduct of their delinquent child.
This bill passed with an amendment to which the delinquent child in some of the penalties will hold signs about good parenting in public places, attend community and church activities.
Another bill was introduced to ban the sale, and consumption of alcohol after midnight at licensed businesses such as bars and cabarets. This legislation passed with an amendment to allow for such businesses to open until 2 a.m. on non-payday week and to close at 12 a.m. on payday week.
Other legislations included a bill that provides for the punishment of hate crimes, which passed third reading.
The bill, which intends to ban the sale of tobacco and alcohol within 500 feet from any school and to increase the taxes on alcohol, was defeated on third reading.
Finally the bill, which seeks to ban the import of all tobacco products into the Republic, passed third reading during the one-day Youth Mock Congress.
Jaycee Nolan of the Palau Mission Academy served as the Senate President, Turang Rengiil as Vice President and Ives Rdialul of Belau Modekngei School as Floor Leader.