SPC Enters 10-year Partnership Agreement With Australia

The Australian Government and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) have signed a partnership agreement that would optimize effective regional development for the next decade.

This 10-year agreement entitled ‘Partnership for Pacific Regionalism and Enhanced Development will support SPC’s delivery of regional services and programs such as managing coastal fisheries for economic growth; improving policies and legislation addressing non-communicable diseases; and increasing trade in agriculture and forestry in the Pacific region.
In signing the agreement with Australia’s Acting Foreign Affairs Minister, order SPC’s Director General Dr. Colin Tukuitonga noted that through this partnership the organization will be able to focus on helping Pacific Island countries and territories achieve their long-term key development outcomes rather than working project by project.
As an intergovernmental development organization supporting the Pacific through scientific and technical expertise, help SPC will be able to address key issues more effectively.
The organization covers island countries such as Palau, FSM, Marshall Islands, and Tonga.