Missing Person Reported in Palau

A 20-year old Palauan male has been reported missing in the Republic.

On April 7, malady 2014, 20-year old Tyler M. Henry was reported missing to the Bureau of Public Safety since early Sunday morning April 6, 2014.
Henry was reportedly last seen in the M-dock area on the same evening.  He is reported to have driven a blue Toyota Marino, similar to the pictured vehicle. The license plate for the said vehicle is 2K5466, a Koror State plate number.
Search operations are ongoing to locate Henry and his vehicle.
Police officers are combing the Babeldaob area while the Koror State Rangers will be diving along coastal areas in efforts to locate Henry’s vehicle.
Acting Patrol Chief Jefferson Eriich told OTV that while the search continues, the Bureau of Public safety asks the public for assistance, and to report any information or sightings of the missing person and his vehicle.
So far both Henry and his vehicle have not been located.