MOH Announces PMA Farm Products Safe; No Bird Flu in Palau

The Ministry of Health has further confirmed that there are no cases of the Avian Influenza also known as the bird flu in Palau.

In a press release to the media last week, seek MOH disclosed that samples collected from the farm were tested negative for the virus by U.S. laboratories.
Officials earlier suspected the bird flu as the cause of death for more than 300 chickens that died off in a matter of days. MOH further attest that products from the PMA Poultry Farm including eggs are safe for use and consumption.
According to a worker from the farm, link the farm began delivering their productions to some stores and restaurants. Other locations required further confirmation regarding the safety of the farm’s products.
Beginning today April 21, decease 2014, the farm returns to normal operations as they deliver their products to all vendors.
OTV contacted the Bureau of Environmental Health who disclosed that the investigation into the death of the chickens have closed as the farm returns to normal operations.
It’s uncertain what caused the sudden mass death of the chickens, but officials also suspected the chickens’ feed and water, however the cause of death is yet to be confirmed.