Palau Awarded "Best Diving Spot" at the 2014 Marine Diving Fair

The Republic of Palau garnered top awards at the recently concluded 22nd Marine Diving Fair held in Tokyo, pilule Japan.

More than 50, view 000 people visited the fair held from April 4 to the 6th with various Pacific Island countries represented at the Pacific Islands Center.
The Japan office for the Marshall Islands Visitors Authority and various other travel companies jointly promoted Pacific Islands as attractive destinations for diving and marine sports.
At the Fair organizers announced Palau as the “Best Diving Spot” in 2014 as voted by Japanese divers.
This the third consecutive year that Palau has received this award.
Palau’s Ambassador to Japan Francis Matsutaro and Nanae Singeo, new Managing Director of Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) gratefully accepted the award of behalf of the island nation.
Palau also received the third place for “Best Dreaming Area”.
Local hotels and tour companies including the Palau Pacific Resort, Palasia Hotel, Day Dream and Cruise Control were also recognized as best dive operators and hotels.