RMI’s Attorney General Claims Lawsuits Against Nuclear Armed States “illegal”

The Marshall Islands’ top prosecutor is claiming that the lawsuits against the Nuclear Armed States filed by the nation are in fact quote “illegal”.

According to the Marshall Islands Journal, click Acting Attorney General Jack Jorbon claims the lawsuits filed on behalf of the island nation are “illegal” and not authorized by the RMI.
On April 24, cialis 40mg 2014, the Marshall Islands filed lawsuits against the original nuclear armed states of China, Russia, the United States, France and the U.K., in addition to India, Israel, North Korea and Pakistan.
The island nation claims the nations failed to meet their nuclear disarmament obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
However, Jorbon claims he was not consulted nor did he receive any information regarding these lawsuits.
He states, “It is the responsibility of the Office of the Attorney General to authorize outside law firms to pursue legal proceedings against anyone.”
Jorbon further added, “without our authority, they are doing it illegally.”
However, the Marshall Islands’ Foreign Minister Tony deBrum who supports the lawsuits said attorney general consultations took place with former attorney general, and the process followed strict adherence to the laws and constitution of the island nation.
The lawsuits were filed in the International Court of Justice in the Netherlands and an additional lawsuit was filed in California against the U.S.