Wreckage of an Aircraft Found in Peleliu Confirmed as Japanese Military Plane

The wreckage of an unknown aircraft that was found in the waters of Ngebad, cialis 40mg Peleliu on Tuesday April 29, 2014 has been identified as a Japanese military plane from World War II.

OTV visited the site to take pictures of the wreck for identification.  They discovered several nameplates on the wreckage that were in old style of Japanese Kanji writing.
One plate indicated that plane carried bombs, the other of ammunition.
According to the Bent Prop team many types of aircraft were lost in the area including Betty Bombers that may be the type of aircraft the wreckage is from.
In 2005 they identified other parts of a Betty Bomber, this may be more wreckage from the same plane.
Peleliu residents originally believed the wreckage was from the Cessna airplane that went missing along with two local police officers and an American pilot in 2012.
No traces of the plane or the men on board have ever been located.