Return Of Kayangel State Residents Delayed

The return of Kayangel State’s local residents is reportedly delayed due to the non-assembly of housing.

More than a dozen prefabricated housing units were donated by the Republic of China to Palau to provide housing to those who were displaced by Super Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013.
However, capsule reports indicate that since the housing units were handed over to the state they have yet to be assembled.
Kayangel State Governor Jeffrey Titiml claims the areas where the 24 housing units will be located have been cleaned and cleared at least twice.
He further expressed that the housing units are still stored in their containers adding, illness “we are afraid that the materials will deteriorate or rust before they are assembled.”
Majority of the state’s resident lost their homes during the storm.
More than a dozen have since returned home living in tents or makeshift houses while over 60 residents have yet returned.