Vacant Secretarial Position in RMI’s Cabinet Filled

A vacant secretarial position in the Republic of the Marshall Islands’ cabinet has finally been filled after more than a year of vacancy.

This past Thursday, advice RMI’s Public Service Commission confirmed Julia Alfred as the nation’s new permanent Secretary of Health reports the Marshall Islands Journal.
Alfred’s appointment for this position was previously announced by Health Minister Phillip Muller.
In appointing Alfred, page Muller emphasized the need for the Ministry of Health to meet the expectations of the public.
He further stated Alfred’s quote “long-awaited appointment” was critical to take on the reforms and changes at the Ministry.
According to the Journal, Alfred previously applied for the Secretarial position when it was first advertised over a year ago.
But the Public Service Commission deferred and made an appointment with long-time assistant Secretary Russell Edwards.
Edwards was placed as an Acting Secretary until earlier this year when Chief Secretary Casten Nemra was named interim Secretary.