FSM Telecom Signs Second O3b Network Deal

In the world of Internet connectivity, visit this site the Federated States of Micronesia through the FSM Telecommunications Corporation (or FSMTC) has signed the nation’s second deal with O3b for the State of Chuuk.

This agreement, physician which follows a similar arrangement entered into for Yap State, seeks to provide faster Internet services to Chuuk and it’s outer islands.
In signing this agreement, John Sohl, FSMTC President and CEO expressed, “We are delighted to have signed our second deal with O3b. The network’s low latency transit Internet bandwidth will enable the population of Chuuk to enjoy the same level of experience as the rest of the work”.
He further added that this is a highly significant step forward for the development of the state.
O3b, which stands for the “other 3 billion” is a next-generation network that combines the reach of satellite with the speed of fiber aimed at providing affordable, low latency, high bandwidth connectivity for its customers.
The network previously entered into an agreement with Palau in 2013, which is expected to launch sometime this year.
Although Palau and Yap both entered into agreements with O3b, both parties are working jointly to provide Internet connectivity through fiber optic cable.