Eyewitness Accounts Reveal Rock Island Tragedy Was Not An Accident

OTV has learned that earlier reports of the rock island boat collision being an accident are false and instead was an intentional act possibly involving criminal negligence and murder.

On Sunday afternoon the Social Security Administration outing was winding down at soft coral arch in Palau’s rock islands. While children swam in the blue water and families relaxed in the sun, information pills a speedboat driven by Brian Simer reversed across the lagoon and then suddenly went into full throttle taking aim at the back of the passenger boat owned by the government.
The speedboat slammed into the rear of the government boat crawling up onto the engines and immediately injuring at least one person with an impact to the head.  The speedboat then slipped back into the water to hit the boat a second time in the rear port side throwing those inside the government boat to the floor and into the water.  While victims of the rampage swam for help, the speedboat made several wild turns in the lagoon and then lined up for the final attack.
The speedboat headed straight for the port side of the government boat where 9-year-old Jonas Markub was attempting to climb up from the water.  At the last second the speedboat made a sharp turn to the right but it was too late.  The forward force of movement only caused the speedboat to slide sideways resulting in a side impact crushing the boy between the two boats.  The boy was pulled from the water on to the rocks but he would not survive the severe internal injuries.
Witnesses also stated that the boat driver, Brian Simer, had been drinking and displaying erratic and dangerous behavior for hours before including running aground at Milky Way tourist site and then driving wildly through shallow waters only a few feet from where children were swimming.
The boat driver responsible for the assault is the husband of Ulai Teltull who is the Administrator of the Social Security Administration. Ulai Teltull was on the boat with Simer throughout the whole incident, including when Simer displayed dangerous behavior at Milky Way.
Simer reportedly has a history of abuse and violence in the home.

9 year old killed in a tragic boat rampage
Jonas Markub: 9 year old killed in a tragic boat rampage

Brian Simer: Driver of the Speedboat which killed a nine year old boy
Brian Simer: Driver of the speedboat which killed a nine year old boy.