Boat Accident Kills one; another victim in critical condition

A tragic boat accident over the weekend has led to the death of a young boy with an adult victim in critical condition. Sometime yesterday June 29, hospital 2014, order two boats were reported to have been involved in a collision around the soft coral reef area in the waters of Koror State.

Bureau of Public Safety Director Ismael Aguon confirmed to OTV that two people were initially injured in the water during the incident. One of those victims, nurse 10-year old Jonas Markub passed away from his injuries shortly after the incident.
Information reaching OTV indicates that the boat driver who caused the accident was reportedly intoxicated, however Director Aguon could not confirm at this time if alcohol was a factor.
OTV also received conflicting information about what happened yesterday during the Social Security Administration function. Some information indicates that Brian Simer, the boat driver who reportedly caused the accident deliberately rammed into the parked boats that was carrying SSA staff and guests celebrating the agency’s 46th anniversary. Other information reaching OTV suggests that Simer may have slipped and pushed the gear forward causing him to lose control of the boat.
Sources say passengers on the boats jumped overboard to avoid injury. The young boy however was reportedly thrown into the water from the incident were he was pinned between a parked boat and the uncontrolled boat.
Director Aguon disclosed to OTV that a suspect is now in police custody pending further investigation.