HOD Calls For Oversight Hearing With SS On Boating Incident

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The House of Delegates Ways and Means Committee has called for an oversight hearing with the Social Security Administration amid the recent boating incident.
On July 11, more about 2014, a letter was sent to Chair of the SS Board Florencia Rirou requesting for her presence at the hearing scheduled for July 15, 2014 at the House Chambers at the Capitol building.
The hearing will discuss the boating incident that occurred late last month during an official SS function.
According to the letter signed by Delegate and Chair of Ways and Means Committee Jonathan Isechal, the hearing will not focus on the investigation but “on what steps the Social Security Administration has taken since the incident that will ensure that such an incident never happens again.”
On June 29, 2014, 10-year Jonas Markub died of injuries sustained during the boating incident. Others were also injured when a speedboat driven by Brian Simer, husband of Ulai Teltull, the SS Administrator, rammed into a government boat with passengers. Investigation into this tragedy is still ongoing.